Tech Talk: Shapeshifting House, VR Safety System, Speech Recognition Software, & More

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Check out this week’s construction tech news with myself, Rob McKinney and Josh Bone, along with our interview of special guest Ronan Collins from AECOM.

Listen to “@ConTechTrio Episode 39 – Ronan Collins @Ronan_KL from @AECOM – The demise of the BIM Manager” on Spreaker.

Tech to Try

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is the premier home audio speaker. It gives users the ability to check the weather, traffic, and news reports; adjust lights and thermostats; set up reminders; and even order UBER rides and pizza – all by voice command. While it’s still an impressive and fun product to use now, this voice technology has huge potential ramifications for a wide variety of industries. Get it here!

Notable New Tech

Shapeshifting House

Michael Jantzen, a self-described artist and inventor, has combined his skills and passions to create the Malleable Autonomous Retreat House. It is a box-like building made of slotted panels that unfold and extend at the owner’s will to make adjustments to climatic condition or aesthetic appeal. Learn more

VR Safety System

Researchers at Ruhr-Universität Bochum, a German University, are using virtual reality to expose construction workers to potential safety issues before they arrive on site. Their system uses a building information model to create a virtual building site that a worker can enter using a VR headset and controller. They have exposed workers to simulated dangers such as being run over or hit by crane booms so workers have to opportunity to learn about potential hazards before construction starts. Learn more

Speech Recognition Software Now at Human Level

A recently published study has confirmed that Microsoft’s speech recognition software has reached a level that is comparable with (or even better than) human transcription. It has a word error rate of 5.9%, which is lower than the 6.3% rate reported just last month and the lowest error rate ever recorded against the industry standard test. Learn more

In the News

Construction Executive wants to know when the construction industry will jump on the virtual, augmented, and mixed reality bandwagons. With a recent estimation that 96 million augmented reality and VR headsets will be in use by 2020, we can be confident that this technology is here to stay. Find out what it means for JBKnowledge and others in the industry.

“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.”
– Edward Teller


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