Tech Talk: Google’s WaveNet, MSI’s VR One Backpack,’s Comma One System, & More

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Check out this week’s construction tech news with myself, Rob McKinney and Josh Bone, along with our interview of special guest Wouter Truffino from Holland ConTech.

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DroneDeploy serves as both this week’s Tech to Try and App You Should Be Trying Out. With the DroneDeploy app for DJI drones, you can set an automated flight path for your drone, upload your data to generate map & 3D models, and analyze and share your creation – all from your device. The best part? It’s now compatible with any drone. Try it out here!

Notable New Tech

Google’s WaveNet

Google recently unveiled WaveNet, a speech synthesis program that uses AI and deep neural learning techniques to generate speech samples better than that of current technologies. By working with at least 16,000 samples per second, WaveNet can generate its own raw audio samples instead of simply analyzing the audio it’s fed. This leads to much more human-like, natural speech. Learn more

MSI’s VR One Backpack

MSI revealed its VR backpack dubbed the VR One at the Tokyo Game Show over the weekend. The VR One is a computer that can be worn like a backpack and optimized for the HTC Vive headset, allowing users to walk around freely in their virtual worlds without the constraints of cables. Of course, cables are still involved, but now the computer is no longer the anchor. Learn more’s Comma One System, an automotive AI startup, has unveiled its first official product – an autonomous driving add-on that can be installed to a small range of selected car models . The product will work with a small selection of vehicles initially, but has already expressed hopes for expansion in the future. The system is priced at $999. Learn more

“I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the invention as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success.”

– Nikola Tesla


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I presented “Future Forecast: How Drones, Sensors and Integrated Apps are Rewriting all the Rules” at the COINS User Conference on September 13th in Albany, New York.

Where I’ll Be

On September 26th, I’ll present at the CFMA Southwest Regional Conference in San Diego, California.

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