Tech Talk: Driverless Taxi Trials, Making Everyone an Astronaut, Looking Inside Your Walls, Drones & Doctors, and More

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Check out this week’s construction tech news with myself, Rob McKinney and Josh Bone, and our interview with special guest Yves Frinault, CEO and founder of Fieldwire.

This week also includes another special treat. The TEDx Talk I gave on “How Technology is Rewriting the Rules of the Build World and Construction” is now live. Check it out here!

Tech to Try

Theta S

The Theta S is Ricoh’s 3rd generation 360-degree camera. It adds a larger sensor for improved still and video capture. In this model the recording time is increased to 25 minutes, video streaming capabilities have been added, and a live view function to your mobile device is included as well. Capture everything around you with complete 360-degree imaging. Get it here!

Notable New Tech

Driverless Taxi Trials

A driverless taxi company started a limited public trial throughout the streets of Singapore last week. The developer, nuTonomy, invited a small group of people to download their app and ride for free in exchange for their feedback. The full launch of the service is scheduled for 2018. Learn More

Making Everyone an Astronaut

SpaceVR has plans to launch a camera into space that can capture 360-degree images so people can view the earth the same way astronauts have for generations. They intend to help everyone in the world gain this perspective with the immersive reality now possible in VR. Learn More

WalabotDIY Lets You Look Inside Your Walls

The WalabotDIY is a compact sensor unit that attaches to the back of Android phones using a magnetic mount. Once attached, the device uses low-power radio transmission to detect what pipes, wiring, studs, etc. are in the wall and communicates this information to the user via an app. Learn More

Drones & Doctors

Stony Brook University and drone manufacturer Vayu are developing tools to assist in delivering cutting-edge medical technology to extremely isolated communities. When communities don’t have access to reliable roads, access to medical care is limited. These drones are bridging the gap. Learn More

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” – George Bernard Shaw


In the News

The 2016 CFMA Conference Educated Hundreds

The Construction Financial Management Association’s (CFMA) 2016 Annual Conference & Exhibition was held June 25th – 29th in San Antonio, Texas. The conference, hosted annually, provides varied educational sessions, technology solutions, networking opportunities and awareness about current trends in construction accounting and finance that can propel growth and facilitate change for over 1,300 attendees. Learn More

Where I’ve Been

I hosted a live episode of the ConTechTrio Podcast from the AGC IT Forum in Chicago, Illinois on August 5th.

Where I’ll Be

On September 9th, I will be presenting on “Future Forecast: How Drones, Sensors and Integrated Apps are Rewriting all the Rules” in Austin, Texas.

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Rob McKinney, our ConAppGuru, is another source for construction technology reviews and news. Teach me!

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