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June 30 Presented at ASPE Annual Summit



June 23 Presented at CFMA Annual Convention



June 5 Presented at COINS User Conference and Grand Challenge



May 23 Presented at 2018 CLM & Business Insurance Workers



May 22 Presented at XL Catlin



May 16 Presented at CFMA Houston



April 15 Presented at RIMS Annual Convention



April 7 Presented at CAL SMACNA Annual Convention



April 5 Presented at Uponor Convention



March 2 Presented at PARIC Annual Meeting



February 26 Presented at CFMA New Orleans Chapter Meeting



February 21 Presented at CICPAC Conference



February 12 Presented at Indiana Contractors Annual Conference 



February 6 Presented at The Bonadio Group Construction Summit 



January 15 Presented at The Institute for Apprenticeship, Training and education Programs 




November 30 Presented at K-State MCA Student Chapter 



November 29 Presented at Missouri State University MCA Student Chapter



November 29 Presented at MCA Kansas City



November 16 Presented at 2017 RSM Conference 



November 9 Presented at MCAA Technology Conference



November 6 Presented at 2017 IRMI Construction Risk Conference 



November 2 Presented at 2017 South Louisiana Construction Economic Forum 



November 1 Presented the CFMA Fall Webinar



September 26 Presented at CFMA Southwest Regional Conference



September 21 Presented at CFMA DFW



July 13  Presented at the Philadelphia ConTech Roadshow 



June 6 Presented at CFMA Annual Convention



May 24 Presented at CFMA Houston



March 27 Presented at 2017 NECA Now



March 21 > Presented at IMPACT – National Iron Workers Convention



March 10 Presented at MCAA Annual Convention



February 15 > Presented at AGC Colorado Future Leaders Forum



February 8 Presented at COINS Grand Challenge



January 20 Presented at Alberici Group Construction Summit




December 6 > Presented at JBKnowledge ConTech Roadshow – Atlanta



November 15 > Presented at MCA Canada Annual Conference



November 9 > Presented at MCA Maryland



November 8 > Presented at the IRMI Construction Risk Conference 



November 4 > Presented at the Horne LLP 



October 28 > Presented at the IEC Conference 



October 27 > Presented at the MSCA Conference 



October 25 > Presented at the RSM Conference 



October 20 > Presented at the AGC California Annual Conference 



October 18 > Presented at the Construction Industry Symposium at Clemson University 



October 5 > Presented the CFMA Fall Webinar 



September 29 > Presented at CFMA Heartland Regional Conference 



September 26 > Presented at CFMA Southwest Regional Conference 



September 15 > Presented at MCA Western Washington 



September 14 > Presented at AGC Bay Area 



September 13 > Presented at COINS User Conference 



September 9 > Presented at CONSTRUCT Show 



August 5 > Presented at the AGC IT Forum 



August 4 > Presented at TEAM Industries 



July 21 > Presented at CICPAC



July 19 > Presented at ISARC at Auburn University



June 27 & 28 > Presented at the CFMA Annual Conference



June 8 > Presented at NECA Indianapolis



June 6-7 > Presented at MCAA Technology Conference



May 14 > Presented at MCA Alberta



May 3 > Presented at the FMI Corporation



April 28 > Presented at the CFMA Nashville/Birmingham Joint Meeting



April 26 > Presented at the UA Tripartite Conference



April 21 > Presented at the BuiltWorlds CEO Forum



April 16 > Presented at TEDxTAMU



April 13 > Presented at the 2016 RIMS Annual Convention



April 12 > Presented at San Diego State University



April 11 > Presented at NECA San Diego



March 21, 22, 23 > Presented at the 2016 MCAA Annual Convention



March 15 > Presented at the 2016 FUSE Flooring Alliance



March 14 > Presented at the 2016 SPECS Show


March 12 > Presented at the Annual Retail Contractors Association Conference


March 11 > Presented at the 97th Annual AGC Convention


March 9 > Presented at the Minnesota Transportation Conference


March 9 > Presented at the Minnesota Transportation Conference


March 3 > Presented at the Heart of Texas CFMA


Feb 12 > Presented at the 2016 TAMU Technology Summit


Feb 11 > Presented at the 2016 TAMU Construction Tech Day


Feb 3 > Presented at the 2016 Construction Association of Michigan Tradeshow


Jan 22 > Presented at the NECA Future Leaders Group


Jan 21 > Presented at the Commercial Construction & Renovation Magazine Summit


Jan 20 > Presented at the ELECTRI Council Meeting


Jan 13 > Presented to the MCA of New Jersey



Dec 4> Presented at the 2015 AICPA Annual Conference


Nov 19> Presented at the Padgett Stratemann CPA Construction Conference


Nov 18> Presented to the CFMA of South Carolina


Nov 17> Presented at the Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada Conference


Nov 10> Presented at the CFMA/ASA of Greater Washington Joint Meeting


Nov 9> Presented at the MCA of Metro Washington Monthly Meeting


Nov 5> Presented at the 5th Annual AGC of Missouri Design & Construction Technology Conference


Oct 13> Presented at the Zurich Contractor Summit


Oct 9> Presented an Online Webinar for the Construction Financial Management Association of America


Oct 8> Speaker at the ADR Construction Summit in Austin, TX


Oct 6> Presented an Online Webinar for the Associated Builders and Contractors of America


Oct 2> Speaker at MCAA Student Chapter Summit in Cleveland, OH


Sept 14> Speaker at CFMA Southwest Regional Conference in Long Beach, CA


Aug 20> Speaker at CFMA DFW Membership Meeting in Irving, TX


July 31 > Speaker at AGC IT Forum in Chicago, IL


July 9 > Speaker at MCA of Texas Annual Conference in Chicago, IL


June 30 – July 1 > Speaker at the CFMA Annual Conference in Chicago, IL


June 9 > Speaker at the TEXO/AIA Technology Summit in Dallas, TX


June 8 > Speaker at the AGC Georgia Annual Conference in Amelia Island, FL


May 21 > Presenter for AGC BIMForum Webinar Series


Apr 29  > Speaker at AGC Georgia Construction Professionals Conference in Atlanta, GA


Apr 15  > Speaker at American Institute of Constructors Annual Forum in Ft Worth, TX


Apr 14  > Speaker at NECA Now 2015 in Miami, FL


Apr 9  > Speaker at Cal SMACNA Conference in Kauai, HI


Apr 1  > Speaker at CFMA Chicago Meeting in Chicago, IL


Mar 19  > Speaker at AGC Annual Convention in San Juan, Puerto Rico


Mar 17  > Speaker at SPECS 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada


Mar 16  > Speaker at SMACNA Western Washington Meeting in Seattle, Washington


Mar 9-11  > Speaker at Mechanical Contractors Associate of America Annual Conference in Maui, Hawaii


Feb 18  > Speaker to Young Professionals of Aggieland


Feb 16  > Speaker at SMACNA Peer Group Owners Summit


Feb 7  > Speaker at AGC Carolinas Annual Conference


Feb 4  > Speaker at 2015 YPO Global Construction Roundtable


Jan 31  > Speaker to Intermountain Chapter of NECA in Orlando, FL


Jan 29  > Speaker to California Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors Association in Los Angeles, CA


Jan 15  > Speaker at AGC Minnesota Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN


Jan 14  > Speaker at Synchro 4D Construction Software Conference in San Diego, CA



Dec 4  > Speaker at Construct Canada in Toronto, Ontario


Nov 7  > Speaker at BC Ready Mix Association Annual Convention in Vancouver, BC


Nov 6  > Speaker at Urban Development Institute in Vancouver, BC


Oct 22  > CFMA Knowledge Now Online Webinar Presenter


Oct 14  > Speaker at Southern California Construction Technology Expo in San Diego, CA


Oct 13  > Speaker at SMACNA Annual Conference in San Antonio, TX


Oct 9  > Speaker at BIMForum in Dallas, TX


Sep 26  > Speaker at CFMA Lone Star Conference


Sep 17  > Speaker for National Association of Surety Bonding Webinar


Sep 16  > Speaker at AGC San Antonio, TX Chapter Meeting


Sep 10  > Speaker at Construct 2014 Conference in Baltimore, MD


Aug 28  > Speaker at ASPE DFW Chapter Meeting in Dallas, TX


Aug 23  > Speaker at Marek Brothers Annual Meeting in Houston, TX


Aug 1  > Speaker at AGC IT Forum in Chicago, IL


July 24  > Speaker at CICPAC Annual Conference in Chicago, IL


June 23  > Speaker at MCAA Mid-Year Education Conference in Indianapolis, IN


June 9&10  > Speaker at CFMA Annual Conference in Las Vegas, NV


MAY 29  > Speaker at Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara, CA


MAY 14  > Speaker at Jonas Software Customer Conference in Toronto, ON


MAY 8  > Speaker at TEXO Association Construction Tech Expo in Dallas, TX


APR 27-30  > Exhibitor at Risk Management Society (RIMS) Annual Conference in Denver, CO


APR 24  > Speaker at National Electrical Contractors Association Future Leaders Conference in New York, NY


APR 16  > Speaker at American Institute of Constructors Annual Forum in Greenville, SC


APR 10  > Presented a CMAA Emerging Technologies Webinar


APR 9  > Speaker at Broadband Communities Summit in Austin, TX


APR 9  > Speaker at AGC Houston Scholarship Breakfast in Houston, TX


MAR 5 & 7  > Speaker at CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas, NV


FEB 27  > Speaker at Construction Institute Annual Visionaries Forum in New Haven, CT


FEB 21  > Speaker at American Council for Construction Education Mid-Year Meeting in Tampa, FL


FEB 20  > Speaker at CFMA Orange County Chapter Meeting in Anaheim, CA


JAN 22  > Speaker at General Contractors Association of Ottawa meeting in Ottawa, Ontario



DEC 5  > Speaker at Construct Canada in Toronto, Ontario


NOV 22  > Speaker at Central Illinois Builders of AGC in Bloomington, IL


NOV 9  > Speaker at AEC Hackathon in Menlo Park, CA


OCT 28 > Speaker at CMAA National Conference in Las Vegas, NV


OCT 22 > Speaker at Indiana Rocky Mountain ConTech in Salt Lake City, UT


OCT 10 > Speaker at KC Construction Tech Briefing in Kansas City, MO


OCT 8 > Speaker at Indiana Construction Roundtable in Indianapolis, IN


OCT 1 > Speaker at NACA Annual Conference in Orlando, FL


SEP 24 > Speaker at Construct 2013 in Nasville, TN


SEP 19 > Speaker at CFMA Central Virginia Chapter in Richmond, VA


SEP 16 > Exhibitor at Viewpoint User Conference in Portland, OR


SEP 5 > Speaker at AGC San Antonio Chapter in San Antonio, TX


AUG 15 > Speaker at AGC IT Forum in Chicago, IL


JUL 15 > Speaker at Beck Technology Webinar – Online


JUL 10 > Speaker at CFMA Webinar – Online


JUN 24 > Speaker at CFMA Annual Conference in San Diego, CA


JUN 23-26 > Exhibitor at CFMA Annual Conference in San Diego, CA


MAY 15-22 > Attendee at PAQS Annual Meeting in Xian, China


APR 21-24 > Exhibitor at RIMS 2013 in Los Angeles, CA


APR 18 > Speaker at ASPE Bay Area Chapter in San Francisco, CA


APR 10 > Speaker at ASPE Chapter 25 in Omaha, NE


MAR 16 > Speaker at AGC Carolinas Annual Conference in Fort Meyers, FL


MAR 6-9 > Exhibitor at AGC Annual Convention in Palm Springs, CA


MAR 5 > Speaker at CCA Annual Conference in La Malbaie, Quebec


FEB 20 > Speaker at ASPE Chapter 1 Orange County in Los Angeles, CA


FEB 19 > Speaker at AGC Las Vegas Chapter in Las Vegas, NV


FEB 11 > Speaker at Indiana Construction Industry Conference in Marco Island, FL


NOV 29 > Speaker at Construct Canada Conference in Toronto, ON


NOV 14 > Speaker at Construction Leadership Council in San Diego, CA


NOV 14 > Speaker at AGC Technology Conference in San Diego, CA


NOV 8 > Speaker at Indiana Construction Association in Indianapolis, IN


OCT 17 > Exhibitor at AR&B Construction Tech Expo in Portland, ME


OCT 5 > Exhibitor at Constructech Technology Day in San Mateo, CA


SEP 27 > Speaker at Urban Development Institute in Vancouver, BC


SEP 25 > Speaker at ASPE Gold Coast Chapter in Coconut Creek, FL


AUG 23 > Speaker at ASPE Inland Empire Chapter in Temecula, CA


AUG 16-17 > Speaker at AGC IT Forum Conference in Chicago, IL


JUL 11-14 > Exhibitor at ASPE Annual Convention in Reno, NV


JUN 28 > Speaker at Southern California Trades Association in San Marcos, CA


JUN 24-26 > Exhibitor at CFMA Annual Conference in Orlando, FL


JUN 22 > Speaker at ASPE Dallas-Forth Worth Chapter in Dallas, TX


JUN 8 > Speaker at ASPE Chapter 11 in Sacramento, CA


MAY 30 > Speaker at AGC TechBrief Webinar – Online


MAY 22 > Speaker at ASPE Garden State Chapter in West Orange, NJ


APR 15-18 > Exhibitor at RIMS 2012 in Philadelphia, PA


MAR 21 > Speaker at ASPE, AACE, NAWIC in St Louis, MO


MAR > Speaker at ASPE SW Regional Meeting in San Antonio, TX


FEB 21 > Speaker at ASPE San Diego Chapter in San Diego, CA


JAN 12 > Speaker at AACEI Seattle Section in Seattle, WA


JAN 10 > Speaker at ASPE Denver Chapter 5 in Denver, CO


NOV 16 > Speaker at ASPE New Orleans Chapter in New Orleans, LA


NOV 15 > Speaker at AACEI East Tennessee Section in Oak Ridge, TN


NOV > Speaker at AACEI Pittsburgh Section in Pittsburgh, PA


OCT 27 > Speaker at ASPE San Antonio in San Antonio, TX


OCT 19 > Speaker at ASPE Vikin Chapter in Minneapolis, MN


OCT 18 > Speaker at AACEI Arizona Section in Arizona


OCT 17 > Speaker at ASPE Richmond in Richmond, VA


OCT 7 > Speaker at ASPE Southwest and Central Plains in Bentonville, AR


OCT -5 > Speaker at SILA National Education Conference in Austin, TX


SEP 22 > Speaker at Salt Lake City ASPE in Salt Lake City, UT


SEP 20 > Speaker at Portland ASPE in Portland, OR


SEP 15 > Speaker at AACEI North Florida Section in Orlando, FL


SEP 14 > Speaker at ASPE Central Florida in Orlando, FL


SEP 13 > Speaker at AACEI Houston Gulf Coast Section in Houston, TX


SEP 7 > Speaker at ASPE Road Runner Chapter in Albuquerque, NM


AUG 25 > Speaker at Greater Toronto Area Chapter of OIQS in Toronto, Ontario


JUL 13-16 > Exhibitor at ASPE National Convention in Nashville, TN


JUN 19-22 > Speaker at AACE International Annual Meeting in Anaheim, CA


JUN 17 > Speaker at Arkansas ASPE Chapter 33 in Little Rock, AR


JUN 16 > Speaker at South Florida AGC & YCF in Hollywood, CA


MAY 20 > Speaker at ASPE San Diego Education Seminar in San Diego, CA


MAY 14 > Speaker at Ontario Institute of Quantity Surveyors in Ottawa, Ontario


MAY 6 > Speaker at Middle Tennessee Chapter of ASPE in Nashville, TN


MAY 1-5 > Exhibitor at RIMS Annual Conference in Vancouver, BC


MAR 18 > Speaker at Razorback Chapter of ASPE in Tulsa, OK


MAR 10 > Speaker at Quantity Surveyors of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC


FEB 24 > Speaker at Quad Cities Chapter of ASPE in Davenport, IA


JAN 18 > Speaker at San Diego Chapter of ASPE in San Diego, CA


JAN 11 > Speaker at Denver Chapter of ASPE in Denver, CO


NOV 18 > Speaker at Old Fort Chapter of ASPE in Fort Wayne, IN


OCT 6 > Speaker at Portland Chapter of ASPE in Portland, ME


SEP 23 > Speaker at Southwestern Ohio Chapter of ASPE in Cincinnati, OH


SEP 22 > Speaker at Chicago Construction Professionals in Chicago, IL


SEP 9 > Speaker at Construction Leadership Council in San Diego, CA


SEP 8 > Speaker at Great Plains Chapter of ASPE in Omaha, NE


JUL 7-10 > Exhibitor at ASPE Estimating Academy Annual Convention in Grapevine, TX


JUN 18-20 > Exhibitor at Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors 2010 AGM in Whistler, BC


JUN 17 > Speaker at Inland Empire Chapter of ASPE in Corona, CA


MAY 20 > Speaker at Indianapolis Chapter of ASPE in Indianapolis, IN


MAY 19 > Speaker at Philadelphia Chapter of ASPE in Philadelphia, PA


MAY 18 > Speaker at Cleveland Chapter of ASPE in Cleveland, OH


DEC > Speaker at Old Pueblo Chapter of ASPE in Tucson, AZ


NOV 20 > Speaker at Jackson Chapter of ASPE in Jackson, MS


NOV 17 > Speaker at Columbia-Pacific Chapter of ASPE in Portland, OR


OCT 23 > Speaker at Boston ASPE Estimating Academy in Boston, MA


SEP 18 > Speaker at Sacramento Chapter of ASPE in Sacramento, CA


SEP 17 > Speaker at Santa Clara Valley Chapter of ASPE in Santa Clara, CA


SEP 16 > Speaker at Golden Gate Chapter of ASPE in San Francisco, CA


SEP 15 > Speaker at Phoenix Chapter of ASPE in Phoenix, AZ


SEP 1 > Speaker at East Texas Builders Association in Longview, TX


AUG 18 > Speaker at Gold Coast ASPE in Fort Lauderdale, FL


JUL 24 > Exhibitor at ASPE National Conference in St. Louis, MO


MAY 27-29 > Exhibitor at AGC Bim Forum in Dallas, TX


MAY 12-15 > Exhibitor at Timberline User Group Conference in Seattle, WA


MAY 7 > Speaker at OKC ASPE in Oklahoma City, OK


APR 23 > Speaker at Salt Lake City Chapter of ASPE in Salt Lake City, UT


APR 16 > Speaker at Triangle PCEA in Raleigh, NC


MAR 19 > Speaker at Triad PCEA in North Carolina


MAR 18 > Speaker at Delaware Chapter of ASPE in Delaware


FEB 19 > Speaker at Baltimore Chapter of ASPE in Baltimore, MD


JAN 27 > Speaker at Orlando PCEA in Orlando, FL


JAN 20 > Speaker at San Diego Chapter of ASPE in San Diego, CA


JAN 15 > Speaker at Atlanta Chapter of ASPE in Atlanta, GA


JAN 14 > Speaker at Orange County Chapter of ASPE in Orange County, CA


DEC 10 > Speaker at Nutmeg Chapter of ASPE in Connecticut


DEC > Speaker at Memphis Chapter of ASPE in Memphis, TN


OCT 16 > Speaker at Tampa Bay Chapter of ASPE in Tampa Bay, FL


OCT 8 > Speaker at Central Pennsylvania Chapter of ASPE in Pennsylvania


SEP 25 > Speaker at St. Louis Chapter of ASPE in St. Louis, MO


SEP 9 > Speaker at Milwaukee Brew City Chapter of ASPE in Milwaukee, WI


JUN 12 > Speaker at Southern Nevada Chapter of ASPE in Las Vegas, NV


JAN 14 > Speaker at Houston Chapter of ASPE in Houston, TX


NOV > Speaker at New Orleans Ad Fed in New Orleans, LA


OCT > Speaker at Shreveport Ad Fed in Shreveport, LA


OCT > Speaker at Corpus Christi Ad Fed in Corpus Christi, TX


SEP > Speaker at Baton Rouge Ad Fed in Baton Rouge, LA


MAY > Speaker at Houston Ad Fed in Houston, TX


FEB > Speaker at Corpus Christi Ad Fed in Corpus Christi, TX


NOV > Speaker at Hampton Roads Ad Fed


NOV > Speaker at Ann Arbor Ad Fed


OCT > Speaker at Houston CSI Group in Houston, TX


SEP > Speaker at Dallas CSI Group in Dallas, TX


SEP > Speaker at Great Falls Ad Fed in Great Falls, MT


APR > Exhibitor at AAPS in Cancun, Mexico


MAR > Exhibitor at AAF District Conference in Tallahassee, FL


JAN > Speaker at Daytona Beach Ad Club in Daytona Beach, FL


OCT > Speaker at Rio Grande Valley Ad Fed in McAllen, TX


OCT > Speaker at Oklahoma City Ad Fed in Oklahoma City, OK


SEP > Speaker at Troy State University in Troy, AL


SEP > Speaker at Montgomery Ad Fed in Montgomery, AL


SEP > Speaker at Great Falls Ad Fed in Great Falls, MO


SEP > Exhibitor at AAF District 10 Conference in Beaumont, TX


JUL > Speaker at NW Arkansas Ad Fed in Fayetteville, AR


JUN > Speaker at SE Texas Ad Club in Beaumont, TX


JUN > Speaker at Permian Basin Ad Fed in Midland, TX


MAY > Speaker at Whichita Falls Ad Fed in Wichita Falls, TX


MAY > Speaker at Central Texas Ad Club in Killeen, TX


MAY > Speaker at Austin Ad Fed in Austin, TX


APR > Speaker at SW Florida Ad Fed in Ft. Meyers, FL


APR > Speaker at Pensacola Bay Ad Fed in Pensacola, FL


MAR > Speaker at AAF District Conference in Tallahassee, FL


FEB > Speaker at Ad Club of the Virgin Islands in St. Thomas


FEB > Speaker at Ad Club of the Virgin Islands in St. Croix