Speaking Event Recap: 2014 Synchro Conference

I was invited by Tom Dengenis, CEO of Synchro, to come and speak about Augmented Reality at their 2014 Synchro Conference in Orlando, Florida. While I always appreciate the chance to go to Florida during the winter, I really appreciated the time with Tom, his team and their great user base.

For the uninitiated, Synchro is a fantastic 4D BIM software that takes scheduling and visualization to the next level and delivers huge returns to the companies that are willing to step into the next generation of software applications. I was there, though, to show something even more exciting, the beginnings of a new relationship between our product, SmartReality and Synchro, giving users the ability to take a 4D BIM model and view, visualize and manipulate that model on their iPad, iPhone or Android device with SmartReality. This is, to my knowledge, one of the earliest and most interesting uses of 4D BIM combined with Augmented Reality. The idea is to export the Synchro model and import it into SmartReality, have it sync down to your mobile device and then display said 4D model when pointing at the related plan file.


But it doesn’t stop there – we decided that it was time to bring TIME into the equation so we have built a mapping with Synchro that brings in the evolution of that model over time into the AR environment. That means a user can now point at a plan file and fast forward through time to a specific date and see what the model should look like on that date, all while controlling the camera view with their iPad and walking around the plan file. This will enable multiple users to view the same model at the same time, but with their own view on the model  and controlling what date to view the model, enabling unprecedented levels of collaboration between the various parties in the meeting. As with everything else in SmartReality you can record everything you’re doing and watching so you can email or publish the video immediately after recording. See examples and screen caps below – we’re really excited about this emerging integration and hope that Synchro and SmartReality users are equally as enthusiastic.


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