ConTechTrio Podcast Episode 34 – Construction Tech News: VR Backpack, 3D Printed House, Semi-Autonomous Car Add-On & Interview w/ Wouter Truffino Co-Founder of Holland PropTech

Starting Off:
Last Friday, the ConTechTrio aired episode 34 of the podcast in which James Benham (@jamesmbenham), Rob McKinney (@conappguru) and Josh Bone (@bim2thebone) discussed the latest construction tech news. Headliners last week included a virtual reality backpack, a semi-autonomous car add-on, Google’s AI WaveNet machine, Apple’s iOS 10 features, a 3D printed house in China, and much more! Special guest Wouter Truffino (@WouterTruffino), Co-Founder of Holland PropTech (@HollandConTech) also joined to discuss construction technology advances in Holland.

Geek Out Product Of The Week:
DroneDeploy – Easily fly your drone to make interactive maps & models using the free DroneDeploy app.

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Construction Tech News:
Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
Experience Virtual Reality…Everywhere You Go
MSI released its new VR backpack, VR One, which is a computer that can be worn like a backpack, allowing users to walk around in their virtual environment without the constraints of cables.

MSI Virtual Reality Backpack [img src]

Drone LiDAR vs Photogrammetry
This guide offers detailed technical advice on when it’s best to use photogrammetry, LiDAR, or both when you’re surveying with your UAV.

Top 10 Ways that Drone Tech will Change the World
Goldman Sachs recently predicted the top ten ways that drone technology is about to change the construction & real estate industries (and delivery isn’t one of them).

Drones Used to Conduct Quality Control Checks
Austin Commercial hired 3DR, one of the largest U.S. drone companies, to fly one of the first drones from a high-rise building in downtown Houston. The drone took photos to ensure there weren’t any cracks in the concrete.

3DR’s Site Scan drone flies over Hines’ Aris Market Square [img src]

3D Printing & Scanning
3D Printed House Debuts in China
A 3D printed, single-family house in China contributes to the rising number of freestanding structures created using additive manufacturing technology.

FARO Releases Innovative Software for 3D Laser Scan Data
3D measurement specialist, FARO is now offering a fully integrated point cloud to 3D mesh engine for product design and construction BIM-CIM professionals.

Autonomous Vehicles
New Add-On Will Make Your Car Semi-Autonomous revealed its $999 autonomous driving add-on that can be installed to a small range of selected car models. The company claims a user is able to safely drive from Mountain View to San Francisco without having to steer the wheel or use the brake.

comma-one-2 Car Add-On [img src]

Volvo Construction Equipment Releases Autonomous Loader & Hauler
Volvo Construction Equipment released a sneak peak of its prototype autonomous wheel loader and articulated hauler at the Xploration Forum. See what testing of the machined revealed…

Volvo Construction Equipment's prototype autonomous wheel loader

Volvo Construction Equipment’s prototype autonomous wheel loader

Volvo Construction Equipment [img src]

New Software, Solutions & Programs
Autodesk Unveils Manufacturing Portfolio at IMTS
Autodesk showcased their latest release, a comprehensive set of both additive and subtractive solutions, at this year’s International Manufacturing Technology Show. The manufacturing portfolio covers: computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), additive manufacturing, composites, robotics fabrication, factory layout and inspection/modeling. (Shameless Plug: The ConTechTrio will be speaking at Autodesk University this year!)

Google’s DeepMind AI Can Make Machines Sound Like Humans
Google has announced WaveNet, a speech synthesis program that uses AI to generate human-like speech and even its own music compositions.

iOS 10: To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade…That is the Question
Apple iOS 10 has been released and it’s a huge upgrade, but iOS 10 also kills off support for multiple Apple products and suffered many installation problems. So should you upgrade? Take a look…

The Foojee Show Breaks Down iOS 10 Features
Learn which iPhones, iPads, and Macs are supported, what features you’ll find useful for work and more.

Here’s Why Samsung Phones are Blowing Up
Find out the science behind why the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is catching fire…it’s actually pretty simple, and easy to understand.

Building News
Job Site Safety Enhanced with Connected Technology
Find out what safety systems and products are making the construction job site safer, featuring responsive hard hats, adaptive hearing protectors and assistance respirators.

What Can You Build With a Dismantled Colts Stadium?
In Indianapolis, a nonprofit is taking advantage of the Colts old stomping ground and turning its dismantled pieces into shade shelters, wallets, and more.

Prefab Tiny House Built in 3 Hours
Czech Republic company, Pin-Up Houses, built a prefabricated tiny house prototype that can be assembled in just three hours and costs only $1,200. Did we mention it comes in red, white & blue…

Pin-Up House [img src]

New LA Skyscraper Incorporates Earthquake Shock Absorbers
The billion-dollar hotel, office, and retail tower, funded by Korean Air, uses massive bracing, volumes of concrete, and plenty of smart engineering to help it withstand temblors.

Wouter Truffino, Co-Founder of Holland PropTech, Discusses Construction Technology Advances in Holland
In the second half of the podcast, Wouter Truffino, Co-Founder of Holland PropTech, joined the ConTechTrio to discuss construction technology advances in Holland. Wouter grew up and went to college in Holland, eventually working as a business developer within the civil engineering industry for 50 years. Wouter went on to create an unauthorized “underground network” within his previous company where he discretely gathered his clients, asked them about their pain points, and discovered the ConTech Revolution. He ultimately utilized the knowledge gained from these underground meetings to start up Holland PropTech, a company that matches corporate captains with startup founders in the property sector. On the podcast, Wouter discussed how mobile devices are being used on the job site and the technological literacy level in Holland. The ConTechTrio and Wouter wrapped up the interview with the main project delivery methods and barriers to adoption in the Netherlands.

Tune into the ConTechTrio podcast again this Friday for Episode 35, featuring Nathan Wood from SpectrumAEC! Until then, you can catch up on past episodes of our construction technology podcast and even check out some bonus episodes via the links below!


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