ConTechTrio Podcast Ep 35 – Construction Tech News: VR Safety Training, Stringless 3D Asphalt Paving, Quantum Teleportation & Interview w/ Nathan Wood Founder & CEO of SpectrumAEC

Starting Off:
Last Friday, the ConTechTrio aired episode 35 of the podcast in which James Benham (@jamesmbenham), Rob McKinney (@conappguru) and Josh Bone (@bim2thebone) discussed the latest construction tech news. Headliners last week included virtual reality safety training, stringless 3D paving for asphalt, world’s first quantum teleportation, modular building for hotels and much more! Special guest Nathan Wood (@NathanCWood), Founder and CEO of SpectrumAEC (@SpectrumAEC) also joined to discuss construction technology – are we reaching a tipping point?

Geek Out Product Of The Week:
BOSE QuietComfort® 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headphones – The first in-ear noise cancelling headphones from BOSE. Users are able to turn on the noise cancelling feature to reduce surrounding distractions or activate Aware mode to hear what’s happening around them.

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Construction Tech News:
Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
New Virtual Reality Immersion Safety Training
Construction firm Bechtel partnered with safety technology company Human Condition Safety to offer VR technology for workforce education at the Bechtel Innovation Center. The program allows users to simulate threatening or intensive procedures.

14 Autonomous Gadgets/Drones Taking Tech to New Heights
From emergency drone responders to face-recognizing cameras, many of these autonomous flying gadgets may take over tasks currently completed by humans in the near future. Check out the full list…

UAS’s Provide Best Form of Accident Prevention on Job Sites
Using unmanned aircraft systems (UASs) equipped with both high resolution and thermal cameras, contractors have been able to provide vital inspection/monitoring services that usually require human climbers. The tech has resulted in the best form of accident prevention by getting workers off of dangerous utility poles and towers, which place them at extreme risk.

3D Printing & Scanning
UPS Expands 3D Printing Services to Singapore
UPS partnered with supply chain company SAP to offer 3D printing and delivery services to Singapore, showing the global expansion of on-demand additive manufacturing.

Emerging Technology
Wireless Personal Air Pollution Monitoring Device
Atmotube, is a wireless personal air pollution monitoring device that connects via Bluetooth to a mobile phone. The device takes readings every second, measuring the carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, humidity and temperature around the user.

Stringless 3D Paving for Asphalt
Trimble’s stringless 3D control system provides the highest accuracy and smoothness levels possible for asphalt paving.

Gartner’s 2016 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies
Gartner’s Hype Cycle identifies three key trends that companies must track to gain a competitive advantage. Find out what they are….

New Software, Solutions & Programs
Construction Executive’s Weekly Technology & Software Rundown
This week’s rundown features products, such as a lightweight drone, customizable site light, wireless hour tracker and more! Software updates include ease bidding, timecard and work scheduling and project management.

World’s First Quantum Teleportation (Outside of a Lab)
While quantum teleportation is not the same as teleportation you see in Star Trek, it’s still a huge breakthrough in the science world. Basically, quantum teleportation is a process of transferring quantum information from one particle to another without the actual particles meeting.

Santander Bank Plans to Launch Digital Currency
Santander announced it will be digitizing public cash using Ethereum blockchain. Check out the infographic that breakdowns how the blockchain works.

iOS 10: 50 Amazing Features You Should Know About
Apple’s release of iOS 10 included many new features and improvements, but there may be some you’re still unaware of…take a peek!

The World’s First Video-Enabled Beacon
Estimote Mirror, the first of its kind, not only allows the user to communicate with nearby phones and their apps, but also take content from these apps and display it on any digital screen around them.

IoT Spending Set to Reach $1.7 trillion in 2020
The HVAC industry is positioned for big gains with IoT. The potential of smart interconnected devices working alongside heating and cooling systems gives the industry hope in reaping lucrative benefits from IoT.

Product Data Mgmt (PDM) Now Implemented in Autodesk’s PLM Solution
Autodesk announced that PDM will now be part of Autodesk’s cloud-based PLM solution. This launch allows users to manage their CAD geometry, as well as release tracking and collaboration on designs.

Modular Building
Modular Build – The Future Method for Building Hotels?
Modular construction allows a hotel to be designed and fitted out quickly and consistently after the completion and approval of a prototype. Compared to traditional construction, modular construction reduces a considerable amount of time and is billed as safe, quiet and cleaner.

Nathan Wood, Founder & CEO of SpecturmAEC, Discusses Construction Technology – are we reaching a tipping point?
In the second half of the podcast, Nathan Wood, Founder and CEO of SpectrumAEC, joined the ConTechTrio to discuss construction technology – are we reaching a tipping point? Nathan grew up in Boulder, CO, graduated from the University of Texas, and went on to work for DPR as a team lead within their innovation division. While working for DPR, Nathan discovered multiple contract barriers affecting the construction process and sought out to solve this productivity dilemma, ultimately founding SpectrumAEC. SpectrumAEC challenges the traditional construction approach that puts technology first, process second, and people third. The company’s mission is to support the development and adoption of project delivery standards that address the needs of people, process and technology. On the podcast, Nathan discussed integrated project delivery contracts and their benefit to the construction process. The ConTechTrio and Nathan wrapped up the interview by reviewing technology adoption rates and interesting uses for tech in the field.

Tune into the ConTechTrio podcast again this Friday for Episode 36, featuring Peter Lasensky from NoteVault! Until then, you can catch up on past episodes of our construction technology podcast and even check out some bonus episodes via the links below!

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