Augmented reality app for construction industry

Written by SPAR Point Group staff
Published on August 21, 2013

Augmented reality (AR) applications have really popped up across the business landscape in recent months. From Audi’s AR car manual to Ikea’s product catalog, the use of AR to boost a user’s experience is largely based in advertising but it makes you wonder what other applications are ripe for the technology.


How about an augmented reality app for visualizing construction job sites? It’s called SmartReality, and the developer JB Knowledge Technologies,, says the iOS app is the combination of AR and construction technology.


The app will allow for the fusion of BIM models and paper plans to boost collaboration both in the field and in the office.


Here’s how it works: users focus on a given design or plan file with the camera on their iPad, iPad Mini, or iPhone, the app then recognizes the design, and the screen overlays a virtual model of what the structure will look like upon completion.


James Benham, CEO of JB Knowledge, said “the future is limitless. There’s a lot of exciting applications that can take this to the next level…”

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