Tech Talk: General Motor’s RoboGlove, Railway Robot, 3D Printer In Space, & More

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Check out this week’s construction tech news with James Benham, Rob McKinney, and Josh Bone, along with our interview with special guest Taylor Cupp of M. A. Mortenson Company.

Notable New Tech

General Motors’ RoboGlove

General Motors has partnered with Swedish med-tech company, Bioservo, to create a power-assisted gauntlet in hopes of implementing it to help factory workers. RoboGlove uses cutting-edge sensors, actuators, and tendons comparable to the makeup of the human hand allowing it unmatched dexterity. Learn More

Railway Robot

John Hopkin’s University Applied Physics Lab, in an alliance with Protran Technology, has turned its attention to the railroad industry by aiming to introduce an unmanned vehicle to traditional railway safety and security tasks. With this new system, dubbed Instrumented Rail inspection System (IRiS), security inspections and first response work can be done with significantly less risk of human injury or fatality. Learn More

3D Printer In Space

Made In Space and Lowe’s have teamed up to put a 3D printer aboard the International Space Station. This allows teams in space access to tools they may not otherwise have. Plans for an object can be designed and uploaded to the printer from earth, putting the object in an astronaut’s hand within a day. Learn More

In the News

ConTechTrio Podcast Recommended by Hard Hat Hub

Hart Hat Hub released an article recommending five construction industry podcasts, with the ConTechTrio podcast topping the list! Learn More

Apps You Should Be Trying Out

Fleetio Go App

Fleetio Go puts the power of fleet management in the pocket of fleet managers, drivers, mechanics, and other personnel. It allows each user to access fleet data anytime, anywhere and can increase productivity by providing an easy way to inspect vehicles, report issues, and log fuel, and track maintenance needs. Download it now!

Cloud Security Tip of the Week

Shadow IT: Prevent, Discover, & Fight

Some cloud applications make it easy for employees to sign up without the involvement of their IT department, possibly putting a company’s data at risk. Shadow IT is what occurs when employees sign up for cloud applications that present risk or threats. Security Intelligence discusses how to prevent it, how to discover it, and how to fight it. Learn More

“Invention, using the term most broadly, and imitation, are the two legs, so to call them, on which the human race has historically walked.”

– William James


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