Tech Talk: Flying Robots, Futuristic Building Material, Jobsite Vehicles, & More

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Check out this week’s construction tech news with James Benham, Rob McKinney, and Josh Bone, along with our interview with special guest Todd Wynne from Rogers-O’Brien Construction.

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Notable New Tech

Flying Robots Are Changing Infrastructure Inspections

A team with members from Northeastern and Carnegie Mellon Universities are developing aerial robots to manage construction timetables. The system, referred to as Aerial Robotic Infrastructure Analyst (ARIA), uses small low-flying robots coupled with 3-D imaging and state-of-the-art planning, modeling, and analysis to inspect structures to identify problems, track progress, and assess the need for follow-ups. Learn More

The Future of Building Materials

Although the construction industry can be slow to adopt the use of new products, we are seeing advancements in materials science. Researchers are reinventing the building blocks of construction by engineering new building materials. Learn More

Advancements in Vehicle Technologies on the Jobsite

Both construction crews and their machinery must operate in the safest, most efficient way possible to ensure jobs are completed on time, on budget, and without incident. Luckily new vehicle technologies such as hands-free communication systems and backup cameras are making the modernized work truck one of the most powerful devices contractors have. Learn More

Apps You Should Be Trying Out

BIMx App

BIMx is the ultimate BIM project presenter app, allowing both architects and those on the construction site to view designs. BIMx simplifies workflow processes and will save users the time and money normally allocated to printing out plans. Download it now.

Cloud Security Tip of the Week

Where Companies Are Going Wrong

ITProPortal sat down with Patrick Heim, Head of Trust & Security at Dropbox, to hear where businesses are going wrong with cloud security. He shares his thoughts on cloud security mistakes, lessons learned, public perception, and more. Learn More

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

– R. Buckminster Fuller


Where I’ve Been

I presented on “The Big Cloud, Local Data Threats, and Managing Risk” and on “Simple Tech Solutions: Finding, Developing, and Integrating Easy to Implement Construction Apps” in San Antonio at the 2016 CFMA Annual Conference on June 27th & 28th.

Where I’ll Be

On July 19th, I will be presenting on the “Future Forecast” in Auburn, Alabama at the ISARC 2016 Conference.

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