Tech Talk: Anti-Drone Rifle, Introduction of a Robo-Builder, Cars Designed by AI, & More

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Check out this week’s construction tech news with James Benham, Rob McKinney, and Josh Bone, along with our interview with special guests Dennis Stejskal and Walter Davis from Sage America.

Notable New Tech

Anti-Drone Rifle

Battelle has created a new rifle that uses GPS disrupting waves to take down drones. It can reach drones up to 400 meters away and was envisioned with the protection of property for governments and citizens alike in mind. However, the anti-drone rifle is currently awaiting approval from the federal government and cannot yet be purchased. Learn More

Introduction of a Robo-Builder

Fastbrick recently revealed a truck mounted building robot that can lay 1,000 bricks and hour with its 30-meter boom. The Hadrian X 3D scans its surroundings to determine where to place the bricks, and can work around the clock. This is one giant leap forward in the company’s hopes to bring fully automated, end-to-end 3D printing brick construction into mainstream construction. Learn More

Cars Designed by AI

Hack Rod, a Los Angeles startup, was started with one goal in mind. They want to produce the first car designed in a virtual environment and engineered with artificial intelligence – essentially, to create a car that designed itself. Hack Rod hopes this will make automotive design and production in the hands of individuals and small businesses. Learn More

Cloud Security Tip of the Week

Organizations Are Failing At Cloud Security

A study conducted by Ponemon has found that the spread of cloud computing services is creating vulnerabilities within an organizations’ storage and management of confidential or sensitive information. Find out what this means for you. Learn More

“The question is not whether it will work. The question is, if it does work, how important will it be?”

– Marc Andreessen


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