The following presentations have been shaped upon request for groups across the construction and insurance industries. These topics can be customized to fit your group. Contact James today for additional information.



Construction Technology Forecast: Collaboration, Integration and Cloud Computing

Have you ever questioned the security of data in the cloud? Wanted to learn more about integrating your independent software and how it could benefit your firm? Or what augmented reality will look like on the jobsite? In this dynamic session, James Benham sorts through the latest trends in building technologies, identifying short-term fads and long-term game changers from tablets and mobile applications to virtual BIM and automated machinery…




Leading Change: Carrying your Business and Technology into the Next Decade

Construction technology is evolving with every structure built. We all know that if our firms don’t adopt the right solutions, we will get left behind. But how do you facilitate the change among employees?…




Who Are Your Allies? The Big Cloud, Local Data Threats and Managing Risk in 2014

Data security is of paramount importance to any organization. From executives to administrators, today’s business professionals find themselves contemplating the vulnerability of their data in the cloud. While “the cloud” offers unprecedented efficiencies in collaboration and centralization of data, implementation of cloud solutions is a daunting task for risk managers, requiring due diligence and strategic change management…




Bringing Clarity to a Big Concept – Big Data Unwrapped

Big Data is one of the most elusive, yet basic terms in today’s business world. There are few who can truly define the term, and those who can don’t necessarily agree. Big data, or large sets of data combined with capabilities to translate and analyze the data, offers organizations unprecedented insight to industry trends, benchmarks, and predictions…




Global Ethics and Entrepreneurship: The do’s and don’ts of doing business across borders

Today’s global business environment presents unfamiliar, seemingly unnavigable decisions and situations. Whether doing business with a client across the continent, hiring an employee from another country or considering international expansion, today’s global executive must address an extensive list of considerations from multi-lingual, multi-cultural training to managing the workflow of a business operating from multiple time zones…




WEBINAR: Building Technology into Construction: The Must-Have Technology Toolbox

Today’s construction professional realizes the prominent role technology plays in reducing building industry hassles and inefficiencies. Think your toolbox is complete? The speed of technology warrants a second look. In this engaging session, learn how new and upcoming technologies can reduce project headaches and increase collaboration and communication…