The following construction technology speaker presentations have been shaped upon request for groups across the construction, risk management and insurance industries. These topics can be customized to fit your group. Contact James today for additional information.



Construction Disruption

Everywhere you look, there’s a new mobile, drone or wearable device. How are these technologies evolving construction projects? How are top contractors running research and development on emerging technologies? Get ahead of the learning curve and hear about the up and coming technology solutions your peers in the industry are already utilizing. In his keynote presentation, James Benham sorts through the latest trends, solutions and devices in building technologies and how they will rewrite the rules for construction projects.





Productively Paranoid: Protecting Your Company’s Digital Assets From the Modern Threats of 2017

Data security is of paramount importance to any organization. From executives to administrators, today’s business professionals find themselves contemplating the vulnerability of their data in the cloud. While “the cloud” offers unprecedented efficiencies in collaboration and centralization of data, implementation of cloud solutions is a daunting task for risk managers, requiring due diligence and strategic change management…